Hero House is a new pop project led by Jamie Bendell, singer-songwriter and member of the band Plastic Cannons.   Hero House was created out of an appreciation for the inimitable people and moments who have inspired her on their journey thus far.  It's a reminder that it's not enough to be satiated by the present, but to remain motivated and positive for the future while being aware of those who came before. 

With a look that highlights their classic flair, Hero House will be releasing their debut EP, “Pretty Tough” in fall 2015.   "Pretty Tough" remains true to the sweet yet edgy contemporary pop sound that has made Jamie and her music so unique, while adding in lush synths and a more electric, chorus lean. The lyrics maintain their storytelling touch, that sense of elevation that makes a moment so much more than just a moment, an ability that Jamie so seamlessly weaves into every verse. The departure for Hero House then, is in its juxtapositional character of quiet strength, a direct reflection of the sweet talent behind it.

Living life as a casual person is one of the 28 year-old's favorite things about herself. That may be true, but no matter how she may spin it, Jamie’s passion is anything but casual.

Since picking up her guitar in high school, Jamie has released four albums, assembled a band of incredibly talented musicians (who not-so-coincidentally happen to be some of her closest friends), played at venues including NYC’s Webster Hall and The Highline and LA’s Room 5 Lounge, learned to produce, and showcased her music at festivals. The catch? There is none; every heartfelt lyric, every melodic chord, every introspective and funky song, every small and big show…she did by herself, for herself. For the peace that music brings her: “[music] never hurts, always heals,” she confessed. For the time she can spend with friends and family, harmonizing and creating and growing as an artistic team. For the hope that she can give her fans and to the world, hope that music can make us happier, happier together. 

In an industry where Billboard Charts are idolized and “gold sippy cups” reign supreme, it’s easy to wonder where artistry has gone and an appropriate question remains: where’s the passion? 

Passion is often thought of as something to be found, an ethereal essence of being always darting right beyond our reach, asking us to push ourselves that much further until we catch it. Passion is extravagant, passion is enthusiastic, and passion is yearning; it yearns to be discovered, it yearns to be purposeful, it yearns for a home just as much as we yearn to give it one. And sometimes, on the rarest of occasions, passion lends itself away to certain people whom it knows will make space for it before they do titles or trophies. People whom will use it to help others find their own. People who do what they do for how it makes them feel in an empty room with no one watching. People like Jamie Bendell, bands like Hero House.